For several months I had been experiencing a nagging back pain.  One month in to a three month trip, while hiking on Memorial weekend, my back went out and I ended up in the emergency room. I was prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers. After 10 days the pain was no better and one morning I could not walk at all. My husband called the paramedics who took me to the hospital.

The emergency room doctor wanted to prescribe more meds and send me on my way, I insisted that I was not leaving till they did some tests, an MRI or Xrays. He grudgingly called to see if there was room for me that day to have an MRI. When the MRI results came back he apologized to me before admitting me to Oncology. For a few days several tests were done to confirm Multiple Myeloma.

The plan was to get the pain under control so I could return home and begin treatment. In June 2013 I was diagnosed, started treatment with Velcade, Revlamid and Dex. After 4 months I was in CR. I then had my stem cells harvested and stored in case I need them in the future. I am on a maintenance of Velcade every other week and Zometa once a month.

It is almost 2 years since my diagnosis and I feel good.

— Delia M.

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