Maxine Levine of Palm Coast was diagnosed with multiple myeloma three years ago. She and her husband Arnold Levine have formed a support group for survivors.

Not so long ago, mulitple myeloma was considered a death sentence?

Arnold: It used to be that a patient had three to five years to live, but (life expectancy) has improved significantly in recent years.� They have numerous drug therapies, now. In just the past four months, the Food and Drug Administration approved another three drugs for multiple myeloma.

Now a person can live a full life. It’s been equated to someone with hypertension —�as long as they stay on their pills, they can live a normal life.

At seminars, they say you will probably die of something else.

We just got back from a seminar in Boca Raton with doctors and researchers from all over the world.

We also met people living 18 to 24 years with multiple myeloma.

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