Good Morning ! 

The IMF Support Group Monthly Newsletter March 2017 is perfect for me as a support group leader. I can now have the updated resources in a monthly newsletter! And not always have to go to our IMF Support Group Leader Toolkit website to find an updated article or video.   

I appreciate all the handwork it has taken to put this newsletter together, Thank You!

March Myeloma Action Month 2017 has been a Great Month! My support group 'Showed Up and Showed Out,' for the IMF. We  made Myeloma Awareness Month truly an Action, one person, one action at a time. We had a fantastic Fundraiser Chairperson Victoria Kibler. Our support group set a goal of raising $3100 and have exceeded that amount to over $4,000 and counting! We have mailed letters to our congresspersons, doctors, posted the beautiful support group flyers the IMF printed out for our support group  personally, talked with family, friends and neighbors about what multiple myeloma is and ways they can help. I am so proud of my support group members, most of my group are currently in treatment, including myself! We all made March our priority in sharing, informing everyone we talked with just how important, vital, dedicated and determined the IMF has always been to each one of us, our families, community, country and world. They should all know the names Susie Novis Durie and Dr. Brian Durie and what they have accomplished through creating the IMF.

Our April meeting is this coming Friday, everyone is so excited and proud of our groups accomplishment this month! I plan on taking pictures and posting them on our website. I am so thankful and grateful to have such a wonderful support group. We are small in number but faithful, caring, supportive, encouraging, positive, close to one another and determine to stay strong advocated for our health. 

We appreciate all that each one of you do each day for the IMF, for us, everyone! Robin, Kelly, Nancy, Sue, Anne and Jon 

Have a Safe and Wonderful Week!


Carlene Pratt

Upland CA Multiple Myeloma Support Group