I visited my primary care for a routine blood test, and he discovered that I was anemic. Since I was never anemic before, he referred me to a hematologist/oncologist because I think he suspected something serious was going on. Thank goodness he did because it turned out I had an IGA of almost 5000.

I had a bone marrow test and then began treatment with Revlimid and steroids and then Velcade I also had infusions of Zometa.

I was very lucky that my myeloma was discovered early. It has been four years now and I am doing well.

Last year I had a stem cell collection because my IGA was in the normal range. It has gone up a little since then but my doctor says it is not anything to be concerned about.

My biggest complaint is not the disease. it is the side effects of my medication that bothers me the most. I am and probably always will be on revlimid which causes stomach problems and the Velcade caused me to develop neuropathy in my feet. But considering the alternatives, I consider myself pretty lucky….no lesions in my bones….never needed a blood transfusion …if I ever need a stem cell transplant I have my own which have been frozen.

— Carole P. 

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