Hello, my name is Carol, I was diagnosed with MM 10 yrs ago at the age of 53.  My main symptoms were anemia, poor immune system and high protein levels, my bones fortunately were not affected. I was offered treatment immediately but decided to wait, firstly until my daughter left home for University and secondly to improve my health, because I was very rundown. I did this by becoming a almost vegetarian (I still eat fish ) and take therapeutic levels of vitamins. I eat my veggies raw, blended, not juiced, also NO sugar, alcohol and meat or processed food.

When my daughter left home 18 months later my blood results were improving so I decided to continue with my programme and my results continued to slowly improve.  About three years ago there was an increased improvement, and now my B2M levels have halved and my protein levels are down by nearly 75%. My consultant is delighted and she thinks I should let people know what I am doing, so I have shared this with my support group and on-line forums. My programme is one that reduces inflammation and provides the nutrients the body needs to heal itself. It can be used when having conventional treatment, it does no harm, there is no quackery or un-evidenced methods used, it is simple and inexpensive.

I am lucky because my background is in biochemistry and pharmacology and so I was not afraid to take the path I chose. I hope that this message will prove helpful to others who are looking for ways to improve their condition, and I am happy to give further information on my programme and results.

Best wishes and good health,


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