After feeling so tired and weak over Christmas and a camping holiday I’ve decided to head off to see my doctor, with alot of coaxing from my husband. You know how you always think to yourself “oh I’m alright it will go away”. This just seemed to get worse. The “ammonia” taste in my mouth was more frequent . I knew my body was telling me something. I just couldn’t work it out. Blood tests results came in Monday. App requested by doctor first thing.

Tuesday 12th Jan 16 ” it seems my kidney function levels have plummetted” the doctor said . You can have an ultrasound this afternoon. Oh ok…. thinking is this serious? Doctor seems to be ordering alot more tests. Doppler of kidneys as well. Anyway it turns out she had been talking to Renal Clinic at Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital and they wanted to see me ASAP.

Monday 18th Jan 2016. They admitted me straight away advising they believe it is myeloma blood cancer and I needed biopsies. Dumbfounded. Never ever expected something like this. I had to call my husband and children to let them know. Brian has only just gone through bowel cancer operation in September 2015 . We didn’t need this. Kidney biopsy booked for Tuesday 19th, blood tests every day. Hematologist doctors came Wednesday advising they won’t fully diagnose Miultiple Myeloma until bone marrow biopsy.

Friday 22nd Jan 16. I had the biopsy about 1. I reckon it was about 2:30 when Dr. Nick Weber and Dr. Scott came with the diagnosis. Yes, multiple myeloma. I was being discharged to start treatment as an out-patient which had to be approved by the government due to cost.

Friday 29th Jan 2016 I started cycle 1 SubQ Velcade along with Dexamethasone and 10 Cyclophosphamide weekly. I’ve had 2 cycles (twice weekly injections) now cycle 3 starts next week on weekly for a few cycles . Doctor will be doing a live stem cell transplant and also will be giving me bone strengthening injections. This has all happened so quickly and our medical teams prompt action I cannot fault.

I am participating in the Worlds Greatest shave on Monday 14 March and our team has raised over $10,000 for blood cancer. “A long road head of me”. … I hear those words so much. BUT I will travel that road with positivity and wonderful support from my family, friends and work mates. I will fight this!!!

—Christine B.
Queensland, Australia

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