Back in Februar 2012 , I was planning a golf vacation in Florida,but was suffering with a sore back. After visiting a hospital 2 mos. earlier(where they told me it was soft tissue damage), the pain persisted & I went to a sports medical center where they did blood tests & diagnosed the multiple myeloma.

Needless to say, I missed my vacation & spent two short 4/5 days in the hospital (my kidneys were impaired due to the disease) & then started 9 mos. of chemo. My Doctor suggested I might be a candidate for a stem cell transplant & we began treatments to aid in stem cell production. On Dec 24th,after another big blast of chemo, my stem cells were reintroduced.  The pain to my mouth & throat was almost unbearable but the nursing staff kept reassuring me that it would get better…tough to be positive when you have lost your hair, your appetite but I had an amazing support group who helped me through it.

Throughout this whole journey , I was amazed at the all the staff @ The Winnipeg Cancer Clinic. They are a different breed in the way they cared for their patients.  Caring, confident, courteous,& inclusive in their discussions right from the front desk through to the doctors.  You are made to feel important & I can’t say thank you enough for their care & compassion.

Last summer they took me off all meds.( hated the fact I couldn’t sleep after taking steroids).  I started golfing again & basically in remission for past 16 mos.  The only things that are lingering are slight numbness in extremities, low platelets & low hemoglobin which makes me constantly tired.  

Hopefully new myeloma drugs will be brought on stream which will aid in keeping this disease at bay.  Until then I will continue to treat each day with respect & a smile.  A special thank you to my wife who has been a rock for me even though I know how hard it was on her.

— Bob

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