In 2003 I got my diagnose Multiple Myeloma because my bone in my left arm broke without doing anything. My world fell apart and I thought that I would die very soon. But after two transplantations with my own cells in 2003 and 2004 I have lived a normal life with my family and be a grandmother to my grand daughter.

I couldn’t go back to my work from before and I had to go on a social pension. That was the most difficult thing about my self-respect at that time but after about two years I was elected as a member of the headboard in our patients association here in Denmark, The Danish Multiple Myeloma Association.

I use all my energy to work for other patients and their families here in Denmark. I have seen how my story can give hope to all new patients and their families and at this time I must go through a new treatment and I feel fine and have so many dreams for my future. I wish all patients and their families so much good in the future and that the final cure will be found very soon!

– Bibi

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