In 2005 I was diagnosed with MM. I did a lot of research after my bone marrow biopsy and discovered I was smoldering and opted for no treatment.

The first oncologist I saw recommended Zometa and Prednisone and I declined this treatment. I shopped for Doctors and ended up with a Myeloma Specialist at the SCCA who agreed to just watch and wait.

The IMF Seminar in Portland in 2005 also introduced me to Dr. Robert Kyle, who is a smoldering MM expert. I have been taking 2,000 to 8,000 mg of Curcumin per day (medicinal grade); as well as AHCC, MSM; and other vitamins (D3, B vitamins, C, A, E, multi, calcium, magnesium, zinc). I never take aspirin. I try to eat organic, as possible; and use a Kefir, beet, apple, carrot smoothie in the morning with ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil. Organic non GMO oatmeal is also nice as well as prunes. Wild salmon is great as well as kale and chard.

I will be 69 years this year and hope to continue smoldering. I try to keep my body alkaline. I go in for blood exam twice a year and May is my next — hoping I am still smoldering !!  I also neglected to mention that I presented with Neutropenia low white blood cells (neutrophils). I had been feeling tired and I kept switching Primary Care Physicians until I found a Doctor who saw this drop and suggested a Bone Marrow Biopsy.

– Beth A.

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