I had a plasma cytoma removed from my spinal cord in 2001. Several years passed and multiple myeloma was diagnosed. I was given 3 to 5 years to live, and was told it was a stage MM four from a prominent Michigan oncologist. I did go on treatment of Thalidomide and dextamethisone.

Here’s the important point, 8 years later and several opinions and tests later, I’m still here to say, I have a smoldering myeloma which is also known as indolent myeloma. I was originally misdiagnosed! I haven’t had any bone breakage nor symptoms, with the exception of lesions, and have been treatment free. I’m very blessed! I attended a marvelous support group where I learned so much and still do. There are so many types of multiple myeloma and many treatments.

The International Myeloma Foundation is a wonderful source of knowledge and resources.

Get informed, get 2 and even more opinions, and join a support group. Know what tests are available and who the myeloma experts are! I’m considering getting my stem cells harvested for future use. Read other people’s stories and be your own advocate!

– Anna

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