After having a general blood test in 1998, my internist told me to see a hematologist because my protein level was very high.  The hematologist did a bone marrow test and I was diagnosed with MGUS.  I was checked twice a year and in 2012 MGUS became multiple myeloma.

After so many years I thought I was home free but not so.

I was a candidate for a stem cell transplant and I did have one in 2012. My team is affiliated with the John Theurer Cancer Center in NJ.  They are wonderful.  The transplant gave me almost 2 years of remission but then the disease progressed.

I’ve been on several different treatments over the years.  Treatments work for a while but then the disease prevails.  The side effects of all medications are difficult.

This is an insidious disease.  I wish everyone good luck in what people like to call a “journey”.  Some journey.

— Marcia N.

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