Thinking that he and his wife were both very healthy, Don Richetti was about to enroll in a low premium, high-deductible insurance plan. On that very day, his wife Cindy called him and stopped him from signing those papers. It was on that day an abnormality was noted in Cindy’s blood results. Soon thereafter, Cindy was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Reluctant to undergo a stem cell transplant because she has the t(4;14) translocation, Cindy has been on a number of novel therapies along with dexamethasone. Despite her initial fears of the procedure, Cindy now prepares for a stem cell transplant. Encouraged by IMF’s Medical Editor Debbie Birns, the couple decided to attend their first IMF Patient & Family Seminar in Boca Raton and were pleasantly surprised that all this talk of myeloma was not doomsday, but rather positive and helpful. They see themselves as in this together, or as Don jokes, “She (Cindy) has myeloma, and I have her-loma, so we have our-loma.”