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March Is Myeloma Action Month

Multiple myeloma is the second most common blood cancer; however, many patients have never heard of it until they are told they have the disease. The International Myeloma Foundation and our supporters work tirelessly and passionately to increase awareness of myeloma to align with our core mission: “Knowledge is Power.”

The International Myeloma Foundation was the first organization to declare March as “Myeloma Awareness Month” (MAM). This year, we are elevating our program and re-coining the MAM acronym to stand for “Myeloma ACTION Month.” Being aware of this rare disease can guide patients to ask their doctors to consider myeloma as a possible cause for their symptoms, leading to earlier diagnosis. We are asking you to join us in “Myeloma ACTION Month” to design other such measurable actions to empower patients and arm them with knowledge.

To take part, we are asking you to take ACTION that increases awareness and is measurable.

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Your ACTION matters. Here are some activities that you can participate in:


Participate in a Patient-Action Letter Writing Campaign


Use #MyAction Matters16 on Twitter and Facebook

Spread the Word

Do a PSA on a local radio station, or post a MAM flyer locally


Participate in the $31 Matching Action Challenge